Saturday, April 28, 2007

Return to Wandsworth

Wandsworth Common, 27/04/2007
Compare this with these;
another brief interlude
one last interlude

Sunday, April 22, 2007

New camera

For my birthday, my friends bought me a new digital camera. The following is a selection of favourite images I've taken so far...

Camberwell, 25/03/2007

Denmark Hill, 31/03/2007

On the steps of Tate Britain, 07/04/2007

Admiral Hardy, Greenwich, 21/04/2007

St Paul's Cathedral, 21/04/2007

Recent favourites

Please find a selection of some recent work that I've liked;

Little Venice, 10/02/2007

Waterloo, 11/02/2007

Ceiling, Camberwell, 24/02/2007

Little Venice, 25/02/2007

Brighton, 26/02/2007

Japan: postscript

Just off Coldharbour Lane, South London, 21/01/2007

Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" transported to Camberwell

Unusual views of outstanding sights, part 9b

Nagano, 24/10/2006

Untitled, 25/10/2006

Shibuya, 28/10/2006

Nagano, 27/10/2006

This poster was one of the first things I saw in Nagano; apparently the man is a local politician and who was obliged to humiliate himself in public when he lost an election. Maybe it's a cross cultural thing but his pumping fist gesture is rather unsettling...

Nagano, 27/10/2006

This was taken on my last night in Nagano.

Unusual views of outstanding sights, part 9a

To conclude my Japanese photo's, two parts of miscellaneous images that I like a lot, but didn't quite fit into any of the previous themes.

Matsumoto, 26/10/2006

I've never seen bigger carp than the ones in the moat at Matsumoto castle...

Nagano, 20/10/2006

One of the things I've missed about Japan since my return is the vending machines everywhere; I recently popped into the Japanese supermarket in Soho and was very pleased to see them selling Pocari Sweat (but sadly not Blendy coffee).

On the way back from Yudanaka, 24/10/2006

Nagano, 20/10/2006

Unusual views of outstanding sights, part 8

After a lengthy hiatus, where I take pictures moved home and took way too long to set up his broadband, I return today with the
concluding parts of my Japanese adventure. First up, a brief selection of cats;

Nagano, 20/10/2006

Shibuya, 29/10/2006

Ikusaka, 25/10/2006