Sunday, November 30, 2008

Up and running

I know I'm getting old because I find myself understanding technology less and less; I used to marvel at how I could operate a VCR while my parents struggled over the operator manual. I am now crossing over into their domain because the internet is a mystery to me, I have struggled with it here for the best part of four months meaning that I have blogged intermittently and the amount of photographs I have to show grow larger by the week. It turns out that all I needed was a longer ethernet cable, so here I am back online and ready to share my photographs regularly with you again...

I went to Venice with C for her birthday way back in January, it feels like a very long time ago already, so looking at these pictures feels like preparing a retrospective rather than introducing new work...

Venice was my first taste of Italy, and I think the lasting impression (even before the sterling went tits up, or down depending on your perspective) was how expensive it was in terms of restaurants and shopping; this isn't a cheap Englishman abroad complaining about having to part with his hard earned cash, as whatever minus points accrued by how dear things are were more than counter-balanced by the free and simple pleasure of walking the streets and alleyways marvelling at the architecture and the details.

So tonight's photos will be a brief selection of things and places that took my eye, I didn't take very good notes so unfortunately I've forgotten where most of these places are...

Venice, 30/01/2008

Venice, 31/01/2008

Venice, 01/02/2008

Venice, 31/01/2008

If all goes to plan, I'll be back in the next few days.