Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Made in Portugal, part 7 (Creatures)

This blog was going to be called "Insects", but with 4 pictures in tonights edition and two of them containing either a gastropod or a chilopod, that was hardly the most encompassing of titles now was it?

I'd never seen so many creatures - be they insects, spiders or lizards (no decent pictures of these I'm afraid) - as I had during this holiday, one thing that struck me was how wasps would leave you alone, something I'm pining for now that our belated summer has begun here...

Chilrão, 02/06/2007
We christened these insects 'stupid bugs' for their tendency to fly kamikaze style into walls, swimming pools and holidaying Englishmen.

Chilrão, 03/06/2007

Down the valley from Pé de Frio, 07/06/2007
Easily the biggest centipede I ever did see

Chilrão, 09/06/2007

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I can see Mum's toe's curling from here!