Monday, July 02, 2007

Made in Portugal, part 4 (The pool)

One of the major attractions of the villa was its swimming pool; great to jump in when the heat got too much, wonderful to sit by and watch the swallows attempt to catch insects from the surface...

Chilrão, 09/06/2007

This is on the last morning, the only time it rained on our week.

Chilrão, 02/06/2007

Taken during my first dip in the pool and the inspiration for the title of this series.

Chilrão, 03/06/2007

Air bubbles round my ankle, producing a strange affect...

Chilrão, 03/06/2007

Chilrão, 03/06/2007

Night landscape looking south (I believe), the camera was perched on the poolside and I held my breath to avoid camera shake.

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Anonymous said...

I like the pictures you take.